Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting back to routine...almost. Brian went back to work today. The boys go back next week, except Nate. Today, I went to the orientation for the charter school that we will be using to homeschool Nate. It was ok. I had to listen to the person read the power point slides to me and another mom. I have to admit, she could have emailed them and I could have read them myself.

I was impressed with the way the school is run. First they will test Nate (tomorrow) to see what his level is in each academic category. They will provide the materials needed to teach him at home. We'll meet with the teacher once per month, although we will have weekly contact. They also offer some weekly classes, including English, Math and art, for elementary age students. These are optional. I think a weekly art class might be fun for Nate. We'll see.

Then we went to get Nate a haircut. Nate has not been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. But, I think he has some. I think it may even be relate to his ADHD. One of his biggest sensory issues is: it drives him up the wall to have his hair touch his face. Even for the two minutes the stylist needed to pull the front down to trim it. He kept growling at her. But, he survived and now he is happy with his hair out of his face. So he got a treat. A Happy Meal.

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