Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading for Fun

Rough day today with Nate. He just wasn't feeling it I suppose. We did some work done, but it really wasn't a very productive school day. On days like today, I can see how frustrated his teacher must have been with him at times. AND she doesn't love him like I do.

So, what do we do on days like this? Well we go to Starbooks (Barnes and Noble + Starbucks = Starbooks, per one of my favorite little guys, whose not my own). I've begun to realize that Nate does not like the same books that Jacob did at his age. We have a lot of hand me down books. So, this afternoon, Nate got to pick out some new books. I picked a few for him too. Then we sat at Starbucks and he read to me. Amazing how well he reads when it's something he's interested in.

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