Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on Writing

Nate's least favorite subject is writing. He has a wonderful vocabulary and can carry on conversations very well. He can tell you all about something. But, trying to get him to do the same on paper is like pulling teeth. I even let him use the computer so that he doesn't have to physically write.
Today's assignment was to write about his kitty. I told him I wanted two paragraphs. In the first one, I wanted him to tell me what she looks like. In the second one, I wanted him to tell me what she does. To make the assignment clearer, I suggested that he pretend that he was talking on the phone and telling someone about his kitty. They are trying to draw a picture of the kitty. What would you tell them so they know what to draw?
By: Nate Taylor
My kitty is gray and white. Her eyes are green. She has white paws. Her stomach is white. The fur on her back is gray.
She runs 90 miles an hour. She jumps up on to the counter. She runs everywhere. She is funny. She once in a while plays with her tail.

Kitty also likes to hang out on top of the fridge.

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