Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Nate

Last night: Goodnight my sweet seven year old boy. Sleep peacefully wrapped in Thomas and Transformers. In the morning you will be eight. And for some reason, that seems like a big deal to me, like seven year olds are little kids and eight year olds are big kids. Maybe it's because you are my baby and each milestone is MY last time. Sweet dreams Nate.
Today: We went to see Tron. The kids all seemed to enjoy it. The grownups, not as much, but it was good enough. The best part was doing something all together. Then we had pizza. Here are my guys (for anyone who is not yet familiar with our family) and Joshua's girlfriend Brandi, who is one of the kids now, at the theater. I love this picture because it really shows their personalities.
Joshua: Always looks serious
Shawn: Always striking a pose, such a ham
Jacob: adjusting his glasses because he has to look just right
Nate: Always doing something silly or making a face
I love these guys so much!
A few weeks ago: We had a birthday party in early December because the week of Christmas doesn't seem to work for anyone. He was king for the day then too. I guess that is one perk of having a birthday so close to Christmas, he gets to celebrate twice, because we always make sure to do something on his real birthday.
It's all about the Legos right now. If I had a dime for every one I have stepped on since this picture was taken...And guess what's coming for Christmas? More Legos...andLego storage!

Overall, I think he had a great day! He was the "Birthday Boss." Self proclaimed. We had this conversation this morning. Just thought I would share.

Me: Happy Birthday Nate. How does it feel to be 8?

Nate: Good

Me: Does it feel any different than being 7?

Nate: Yes. Only 365 days until I'm 9!

Oy. Don't rush it baby.

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