Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2

Don't worry, I'm not going to number every day of our homeschooling adventure...Day 12,627, lol). But, Day 2 is important. That means we survived the first day and came back for more. Today was a great day. Nate and I did school work, math, writing, spelling and even a cooking project. Here's a peek at how today went:

Yesterday, I had Nate complete a multiplication worksheet. He has been doing these in school (only 60 problems). He was one of only two students in his class doing multiplication. I'm not sure how high they had done yet, so this was in part to see where is is. Anyway, yesterday he finished 100 problems 0-4 (up to 4x9) in 20 minutes, 36 seconds. He got 93 right, missing only 3x9 and 4x9 (repeated). We practiced those verbally. Today, he did the same sheet and finished in 12 minutes, 33 seconds. He got 96 right, missing only 4x8 (repeated), which he got right yesterday, lol.
He also did a page in the math book I bought. It was sequencing and turning numbers from written words to symbols and reading them then the writing symbols. He doesn't know how to write out the numbers, so we will be working on that.

Today, he did two pages in the Daily Editing book that I bought (I'm really liking this book). One was ending sentences and starting the next correctly. He's really good at this. The other was on pronouns, matching he-has, we-have, etc. We'll be working some more on this, too.

Yesterday, Nate corrected two paragraphs in the Daily Editing book spelling section. This is a third grade book. Between the two, I pulled out 12 words that he did not spell correctly. He identified that they were spelled wrong in the paragraphs, but wasn't sure how to spell them. So today, he wrote the words 3 times each. I have a few word activities planned this week with these words too. Hopefully, it will be fun for him, especially since he hates writing.

Cooking. Today we made chocolate muffins. It was the only thing I had all the ingredients for, lol. Homeschooling could make me fat(er), lol. This was fun, and he even got to lick the bowl. You don't get to do that in the classroom.

I promise not to write about every day like this. I don't have that much time, and it's kind of boring. But, I needed to document what I'm doing to get started. It has been fun to work with Nate and see what he already knows, and what we need to focus on. He's a bright kid. I want to make sure to challenge him and review things he knows, without boring him. I want this to be fun and educational, for both of us.

We played Legos for "recess." Nate loves his Legos. I also found out today that a local homeschool groups has a monthly Lego Club. So, it looks like that might be an outing to add to our plans in the future.

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  1. Awesome Sheri and Nate!!! I love Lego recess. : ) Toby would like that too. Can't wait to see you very soon!!! You guys are going to do great and I admire you so much.

    Much love...