Thursday, December 16, 2010


Nate has been seeing a counselor, through our insurance, for several months now. It was recommended during his 504 meeting, and I was told that there was a waiting list to see the school's counselor. So, we went through our insurance. Well, I have kept the counselor up to date on what has been going on with Nate at school. We saw him last Thursday. And I mentioned that we had been talking about homeschooling. We talked about some of the options, charters, etc. But, it was just conversation at that time. I like his counselor a lot. He is very supportive, and open to homeschooling.

Today, Nate told him that we are homeschooling. I filled him in on everything that happened on Friday. He told me that today was the calmest he has ever seen Nate. He said he thinks things will work out for the best for Nate. I told him about the local homeschool group that I am connecting with and the Lego Club that we are going to look into. He is very supportive. I told him that I would like Nate to continue to see him through this transition. He's awesome. We also found out today that he and Nate share the same birthday, along with Nate's preschool teacher. There are some awesome people born on December 20!

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