Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 2: Sprouts We explored our plants on Tuesday, two weeks after planting, but did not have time to blog. Last time, I have Nate write about what he saw. This time I typed his words for each photo and we actually get to "hear" more of what he sees and thinks. Again, his words are in blue. It's a lima bean seed with a root. It has a leaf. The end of the vine looks brown. I see lots of roots. The roots are white. I can see a starting of the vine. It's a pumpkin vine. I see a leaf.
It's a pinto bean. It has roots. The roots are white. I can see some green.
I can only see one root. I can see the seed. I can see a tiny bit of green (pointing to tip opposite the root). I just can't believe that the tiny can become a vine with a few watermelons.
We compared the lima bean sprout and the pumpkin seed sprout. I asked him to tell me how they are different and why he thinks they are. I can see more roots on the pumpkin seed than the lima bean. Why do you think the roots are different? The seeds are different sizes. Different seeds have different roots and the different roots make different plants.

What does the root do for the plant? Transports nutrients. And? water? Does one need more water than the other? I think he's getting the idea.

As of last week, none of our "planted in soil" plants has sprouted. This week we have sprouts! We currently have one lima plant, two pinto bean plants and two watermelon plants.
Still no popcorn. I guess that's what Mom gets for not buying plain old popcorn to plant. Its supposed to rain the next couple of days. I think early next week we will plant all of our sprouts and see how it goes. Keep checking in. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy our own home grown watermelons this summer and carve a home grown jack-o-lantern this Halloween.

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