Thursday, April 21, 2011

It has been three and half weeks since we started out plant project. I had intended to plant these outside sooner. But we have had some crazy weather. And when the weather has been nice we have been crazy busy. We are officially on spring break now. But, today seemed like a good day to plant our plants before we lost them indoors, especially the ones not planted in soil. Here again is Nate's recap of our experience (in blue). There's four plants in there. They each have roots. I can see leaves on all four. These plants were growing up and out of the ziploc bags. It has been pretty cool to see.

The popcorn never did grow and we have about 50% success on the 20 other seeds we planted. There are five rows of different plants. Some have bigger leaves than the others. The pumpkin vine has big leaves. The watermelon has the smallest I can see. The cat ate the leaves off the bean plants. I hope they will recover.

Since dad was home today, I asked him to help with planting the plants outside. I dug holes and put the plants in them. I used some water to soften up the ground to dig a hole.

I ceremoniously helped dig the first hole, before heading out to run some errands. This is not my usual gardening attire. Me and Mom were digging a hole to plant some plants.

When I returned, I asked Nate about his plants. Dad let him choose where to plant them, so they are randomly placed in the yard. But, it's ok, our yard is a mess right now anyway. (Digging half of it up for plumbing issues, but that's on the other blog.) I planted a pumpkin there. I watered it. We have really dry ground here. We are going to really have to remember to water these every day.

I planted a pumpkin here too.

I am watering some plants.

This is also a soaker hose when you cap the end. So, we left it running for a while to saturate the ground and hopefully soften it up so that the roots can grow. We will keep posting as our plants (hopefully) grow. Summers here are brutal. Be here's hoping for a nice juicy watermelon!

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