Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today was a special homeschooling day for Nate. Dad stayed home from school (he's a teacher) because we've had some plumbing issues and he needed to be here when the plumbers were here. So, dad worked with Nate on his school work today.

Nate also got to see the plumbers work at our house today. They did a lot of digging. They ran a camera down the pipe. Too bad Nate didn't get to see that today. I saw it yesterday when they were here and it was pretty cool. Well, it would have been cool, if it wasn't our pipe, because there were a lot of tree roots in it. (Dad just told me that Nate was at Lego Club when they ran the camera today.)

Nate also got to go to Lego Club today with the local homeschool group. Big brother Joshua took him today. Homeschooling has become a family affair. Nate is really blessed to have so many people supporting him and taking part in his education.

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